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At one point in time we have all jumped onto Google or Yahoo to find out what phone number goes with what physical address. We’ve all looked in telephone books under a person’s name to get their telephone number, assuming it’s a published number.

But things become a little tricker when it comes to find out the person’s cell phone number.

There is not, nor is there ever likely to be, a cell phone telephone directory available to the public. And unless you know the persons cell phone number, you have no real chance of finding it or tracing back a cell number you have to the person who owns it without a potentially embarrassing situation occurring.

Or do you?

Enter the reverse cell phone search services that have sprung up in cyberspace. They work the same way as a regular reverse phone search except that this application can also find the owner’s of cell phone numbers.

Like regular reverse searches, these can pick up all India Phone Number List┬áthe associated information that goes with the cellular number in question: owner’s name; physical street address; additional phone numbers that owner has; possible neighbors and relatives; address history; phone number history; and much more.
Why would you need all of that information?

Well, say you are being prank phone called in the middle of the night and you have finally had enough. You don’t want to call the prankster and tell them to knock it off because that will just make them call you even more and keep up the harassment.

Instead, you can use a reverse phone search application – regardless of if the number is a landline or cellular number – discover who the prankster is, and then turn the information over to the authorities. The use of these services is certainly legal.

If you think about it, it would be almost impossible to create a telephone book simply for cellular phone numbers. One household alone could have anywhere from one to ten cellular phone numbers attached to it. And if all the numbers are listed under the single subscriber’s name, you could be faced searching through a cellular telephone book that has over two hundred pages of listing just for the name ‘John Smith’.

By looking up the person’s name by searching the telephone number, you are immediately weeding down the area to look in by the area code and three digit city exchange. It’s easier, quicker, and in the long run, more convenient.

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