9 types of videos you can produce to be more successful with your business

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These data indicate that video consumption has been increasing among Internet users. In addition, YouTube is the place where you can find all kinds of content in video format. Therefore, everything indicates that YouTube is a valuable tool in any digital marketing strategy today. Of course, you must ask yourself if using YouTube is the right choice for your strategy. Like several other digital marketing tools , you need to consider your market, your audience, and what the goals of your marketing strategy are. Either way, the fact is that YouTube today has become one of the main allies of marketing departments. Therefore, below, we show you why YouTube has become a fundamental platform for content marketing and what are the main content marketing production strategies on YouTube . Why use YouTube in your content marketing strategy? If you are in doubt about investing in content marketing on YouTube, it is important to know the following information: – Youtube is the video platform with the highest audience and the second most used search site in the world (although it is not a search engine , but a community of users). – YouTube is directly connected to the Google search site and the Google+ social network , which greatly contributes to improving the ranking of your site in Internet searches. – In relation to the audience , videos on YouTube lead the position with the lowest rejection rate in content strategies .

– Content in video format is increasingly consumed by the public, has greater emotional appeal and has a direct influence on the purchase decision of customers. Main content marketing strategies on YouTube Now we present you the main strategies to be successful when doing content marketing on YouTube. To facilitate your planning, we divide these strategies buy email database into two types: strategies for using the YouTube platform and content strategies. Remember that your success when doing content marketing on YouTube depends on the alliance between these two strategies. Strategies for using the YouTube platform 1. Fill in the entire profile of your channel – Create a profile for your brand on YouTube. Fill in and explore all the available fields that YouTube offers so that you can fully customize your profile. A detailed profile will attract a more qualified audience by increasing the conversion rate. – Make it clear what your channel is about, what type of content is addressed in the videos, what is the mission of your channel, what is the profile of the desired audience and other information that will appear in the “About” part of your channel .

2. Use keywords – Use keywords in any text written for your channel (description of the videos, description of the channel, title of the videos, tags). This is essential to better locate and index your channel and videos on the Internet. Thus, when the user conducts research on the topic addressed, it will be easier to find it. 3. Make your channel dynamic – Making a channel dynamic means moving it . For this we suggest that you: (1) produce videos frequently, that is, do not let your channel be forgotten by the public (research indicates that the rate should not be less than one video per week); (2) connect with the public that interacts with you and encourage them to leave opinions and suggestions (to do this, always respond to comments made by users on your videos and start a conversation on the “Discussion” page of your channel).

4. Add links to your channel and videos – Youtube allows you to insert links in the description spaces. Thus, in addition to being important to generate visits, a good description allows you to drive traffic to your business site. Add links in your description! The links will open new tabs, directing the audience to the pages they want without closing the one they have accessed on YouTube. 5. Integra YouTube – For your video sharing strategy to work well, it is necessary to integrate YouTube to other digital channels of your company (Social Networks, Blog, Google Adwords, e-mail marketing, etc.). Content strategies on YouTube 1. Create videos that educate the market – Invest in videos that educate the market about your product or service. This is an interesting tactic, as people may stop consuming material from your blog or contact a sales consultant because they don’t quite understand how your business can help solve a problem.

2. Create tutorials – Invest in tutorial videos, instructions, step by step, how to do it . The vast majority of users prefer to learn from a video, rather than reading a long blog post. 3. Create quality videos – Invest in the quality of your videos. It is better to have a YouTube channel with few videos, but with quality, than a channel with many videos, but of low quality. 4. Create exciting videos – Create videos that awaken users emotions (joy, passion, nostalgia, etc.). The most shared videos are usually those that arouse some real emotion. 5. Create videos in tune with the news – Knowing the news is essential to create videos. Create current content and use the corresponding keywords in the description of the video, it is important for users to find you and consume your content. 6. Create videos in partnership – Collaborate on videos from other companies that are already using YouTube and share the same audience as you , but that are not in direct competition. Collaborating with established YouTubers is an established technique, which works and shows good results. 7. Extension of the videos Are you interested in obtaining more engagement for the content produced by your company? Then it is time to better understand what are the types of video that can be used in your strategy. You must have heard about it, but we will tell you again: audiovisual material is the gold of the moment on the Internet and it is difficult for companies, regardless of their size, to leave it out of their content marketing strategies . To give you an idea of ​​what is happening in the area, the forecast is that by 2020 about 80% of internet traffic will be generated by videos.

Why invest in videos? If you still have any insecurity in relation to the use of videos, remember that, admittedly, it is a much more efficient format for attracting and engaging the public. And science has a good explanation for that to happen. According to neuromarketing specialists , the human brain processes images faster than texts. According to them, 90% of the data we process is visual. In practice, that means that the use of video raises the level of retention of messages, which is essential for any brand, correct? There is yet another good reason to justify investing in videos: the diversity of options that can be worked on. This is the focus of our post today! We are going to show you that video is a very democratic format and can be used by companies of all sizes and performance segments. By the way, don’t miss the opportunity to download the free YouTube Marketing guide : youtube marketing ebook How to choose the most suitable types of videos? To avoid making mistakes in choosing the most appropriate type of video for your strategy, start with planning . If that is already important in simpler content, in the audiovisual, which requires more care in production, it is fundamental. As you can imagine, the profile of the public greatly influences the definition of the language that will be adopted in the material, but it is not enough to analyze only that aspect. You also have to consider the objectives of action and of course, the available budget. This is the most important question for video: yes, the costs today are much more accessible, but it all depends on the type of production. You have to analyze it well, because some formats depend on more media, which means a higher cost. The difference is that as soon as you decide on the basic standards, there are excellent options for all types of companies, from the most conservative to the most innovative. And it doesn’t matter if the idea is to reach the end consumer or the employees, video works well for any type of approach. What are the most suitable video formats? 1. Tutorials That format has become famous through YouTube .

Whatever the issue, the likelihood of finding a “walkthrough” video on it is very high. For companies, it is an excellent format to clarify the doubts of the public in relation to the products and services offered. The idea is simple: instead of telling what one has to do, show it. The attraction to the format is justified, in the end, you cannot compare the ease of a video to explain something, especially when we think of the endless and complicated texts of the instruction manuals. Important detail: the tutorials work perfectly to capture the attention of those who have gone online looking to know “how to do” something, therefore, they increase the probability that the brand will have a good result in search services. 2. Webinar Did you realize that you have to work on the authority of your brand? Do not be ashamed! Prepare a video with the best specialist in the company, the one who understands everything about a certain topic. Currently, many companies are using this type of resource for internal communication , but it is also worth including the format on your YouTube channel and, of course, working on the scope of the material on your social networks. In order not to be mistaken, keep an eye on the production of the material! It is essential to keep the conversation natural, but that does not mean that the professional does not have to follow a basic script to better plan the presentation. Why is the format so widely used in content marketing strategies?

You only need a computer with a webcam, microphone, and internet access to produce good content. It is even better if you combine the use of a webinar with a chat. It is an excellent opportunity to interact with the public and quickly clarify the doubts of your audience. In content marketing strategies, the webinar is one of the main materials for talking to customers who are in the middle of the sales funnel. That works well because to participate, they have to leave you something in return: their contact details! 3. Cultural reviews That type of video has helped the youtuber a lot to build the audience for his channel, but they also work well for video marketing strategies. The proposal here is to prepare simple materials, with cultural advice such as books, series, movies, video games, in short, the choice of content will always depend on the analysis of the profile of your target audience. Is it possible to select a topic that is related to your business? Of course! Keep in mind that the main thing here is to ensure the relevance of the content , through material that is pleasant. Remember that in that case your company will compete for space with people who stand out in the preparation of these types of reviews. So it is essential to have someone who really understands the subject and is able to speak about it properly. The language here is relaxed, but consider that content signed by a brand has to help build your online reputation . That is, you cannot lose sight of the values ​​that are part of your identity. 4. FAQ Video What do you do with respect to the doubts that customers always have about your company, product or service? The advice here is to carefully analyze the possibility of producing a video (or perhaps a series) to answer them.

The format is up to you, according to the available budget. It is possible to produce very sophisticated materials (take a look at this Canadian McDonalds project , as an example) or go for more basic solutions. In the latter case, the content can be worked on as in a video class, for example, or from the use of a more didactic animation to clarify how the company works. Regardless of the resources, the advantage of audiovisual is the improvement in the level of retention of the message. And, at the end of the day, that represents an increase in the level of customer satisfaction and can even create a positive impact on sales (the less doubts, the faster the consumer will evolve in their shopping journey, okay?) 5. Vlog The adoption of vlogs depends a lot on the profile of your audience and the availability of the company to have a more open communication with people. The idea is that the scenes of the routine of the company are recorded, but the approach must be more personal – do you remember that concept of blogs that at first functioned as a “diary”? This is the concept behind vlogs! In the business environment, a good option is to make a more relaxed video to discuss a certain topic (in that case, a good advice is to do it in a more informal environment) or take advantage of the resource to show the professionals of the company while they enjoy some event, for example. 6. Top 10 This is another very successful format among youtubers and that can be well used by companies to gain audience on their channels. There is no other choice, although it sounds cliché, people really like content that helps them to know what the main trends of the moment are – you have to be well informed and we don’t always have a lot of time, right? For brands, the best thing in those cases is to work with issues related to your company’s business. They can be projects developed in the area, outstanding professionals, reference materials, courses, in short, the list is long! Remember that the idea, as in the case of corporate blogs, is not to talk only about your product or service, since you can also focus on content that helps educate your client.

7. Public causes Do you want something more aligned with the values ​​of your audience? How about relating your brand to public causes? In the business environment, it is important to avoid controversial topics, but nothing prevents you from showing that your company is hooked and concerned with the well-being of the client. So why not produce videos related to consumer financial education, on how to improve driving behavior, caring for garbage or ethical behavior, for example? It also analyzes the possibility of supporting campaigns related to the health area or perhaps professional development and training. Also consider that a video is more suitable for this type of topic, since images are more effective in sensitizing people and establishing an emotional connection. 8. Video case To understand the importance of the video case , think about your behavior as a spectator: instead of a descriptive text about a project, wouldn’t it be more interesting to accompany the results by means of a video? With the use of the appropriate resources, the exhibition is more dynamic, even by the possibility of putting interviews or customer testimonials. Depending on the project, how about including recordings that demonstrate how the customer interacts with the product or service? 9. Interviews Answer: between a text with customer testimonials and images of an interview with them, which one has more credibility? In addition to the issue of trust, another determining factor for the success of interviews is empathy. When we see the person in the video, it is much more likely that we can identify with them. It is very common to feel closer to the characters when we see them and we not only read their names in a report.

In the case of interviews, there are many options to work them on video. We can use the journalistic standard (question and answer, as in reports) or opt for the talk-show style , which helps to highlight one or another professional in the company. As in other types of videos, interviews are used for actions aimed at the company’s consumer / client, and also for endomarketing initiatives. Internal communication strategies have demanded more attention, so it is important to consider how videos can be used to optimize results. Without hooked employees, how do you do it with consumers? As you have seen throughout the text, there is no lack of good use options for audiovisual materials. What are the most suitable types of videos? It all depends on the person, the objectives and the available budget. Just forget the idea that this is a thing of the future. Video Marketing is no longer a trend, but a reality. YouTube already has more than one billion users worldwide and all social networks are rampaging to diversify their businesses with videos. – Always keep in mind the length of the videos . It is verified that after 3 minutes watching a video, the attention of the users begins to descend. Always consider that the average length of a video on YouTube is 4 minutes. But the average length of the most popular videos is only 2 minutes.

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